• Die Zeit dazwischen
  • Die Zeit dazwischen
  • Die Zeit dazwischen


»Helena Schätzle went on a journey in search of personal memories and images of the post-war period, in order to combine them in a collective memory stream. The experiences and memories of her grandfather were her starting point. She specifically traveled through Eastern Europe and recorded in precise detail images of landscapes and locations that could be seen as constant mute witnesses of the war- and post-war years, and which have retained their timelessness to this day. The book invites the viewer to join in on the same journey, to walk through landscapes that are interrupted by immensely powerful portraits of surviving witnesses. The cover is made of truck tarpaulin and the book has stitched binding. Die Zeit dazwischen intelligently combines various dramaturgical possibilities of the book medium and therefore creates an incredibly sensual experience for the viewer.«

Helena Schätzle
PUBLISHER: self published, Kassel 2010
TEXT: Ludwig OSSwald and some interviews, preface by Mechthild Bereswill
DESIGN: Eva Maria Kroder, Lilly Nikolic
format: plastic softcover, 27.9 × 22.3 CM, 68 PAGES (japanese binding), 39 color REPRODUCTIONs, 31 B/W REPRODUCTIONs (hidden), 1 map

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