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»The book is dedicated to the art of the famous contemporary Russian photographer Vadim Gushchin, and is a kind of monograph, album, catalog, CV, or digest of the most important publications during his career. This academic-style book reflects the artist’s style, even in the design of its layout. The quality of the printing also mirrors the artist’s great attention to the fine art print dimension in photography.«

Vadim Gushchin
publisher: Artist and Book Publishing, Moscow 2008,
edited by Irina Tchmyreva
text: Michael Bode, Tatyana Danilyants, L. Kashuk, Ulrike Lahmann, Vladimir Levashov, V. Stigneev, Irina Tchmyreva, Manfred Schmalriede
DESIGN: I. Lebedeva and X. Kolovershina
format: hardcover, 29.1 × 28.7 CM, 240 PAGES, 236 b/w reproductions,
ISbN : 978–5–98940–026–3

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