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Lesley A. Martin: »‘The Sun as Error’ by Shannon Ebner offers a sophisticated and imaginative engagement with the idea of the photobook — and how the book form can offer something beyond a simple pedestal for an artist’s work. The project began as a commission by Charlotte Cotton during her tenure at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Ebner, in turn, invited David Rienfurt and Stuart Bailey (collectively known as Dexter Sinister) to work with her in making the book. The resulting object combines a selection of Ebner’s work with diagrams from old photo manuals, books on optics, and other appropriated illustrations. Each of the selected illustrations conveys a tiny scrap of an idea about visual communication and the act of seeing; an appropriate complement to Ebner’s conceptually driven work. The book, as a whole, invites a careful decoding of the text and a deep reading of the images.»

David Campany: »This is the book I have found myself returning to most this year. Ebner’s attention to the photographic medium is at once witty, diligent and endearingly obtuse. The book is like an instruction manual assembled by a deviant with a fabulous sense of humor (or maybe a fabulist with a deviant sense of humor!). I have a strange sense that it picks up where all that Californian photo-conceptualism of the 1970s left off around thirty years ago. There are echoes of Robert Cumming, early William Wegman, Mike Mandel, Larry Sultan, Barbara Kasten and John Divola. But really there was nothing quite like ‘The Sun As Error’ back then, and there certainly isn’t now. I usually regret buying over-large books but the fact that this will not fit on my shelf makes me like it even more. I can’t wait to see what she does next.»

Shannon Ebner
»The Sun as Error«
co-ordinated by Dexter Sinister
publisher: Wallis Annenberg Departement of Photography at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles 2009
TEXT: Shannon Ebner
format: illustrated hardCOVER, 37 × 28 CM, 64 PAGES, c. 183 b/w, 3 color reproductions
ISBN: 978–87587–200–1

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