• Earl y Works 1969-1974
  • Earl y Works 1969-1974
  • Earl y Works 1969-1974


»The issues that have been symbolically raised in 1968 still include some important issues of today. From the late 60s until the early 70s in Japan, where politics and culture were closely-intertwined as in other countries, there were remarkable artists who tried to overthrow the established values in various genres of expression; butoh dancing, radical theatre, experimental music, etc. Yamazaki Hiroshi (b. 1946) shows us not only these leading figures and legendary events, but also the incredibly attractive ordinary scenes, many of which would develop later into his representative series. Soon after taking up photography in 1969, he lost interest in a photography that emphasized the subject being depicted and instead explored the potential of that medium by simplifying his method. It is interesting to look at this book as an effective tool to stimulate us to reconsider the 1968 issues.«

Yamazaki Hiroshi
»EARLY WORKS 1969-1974«
PUBLISHER: Disk Union, Tokyo 2009
DESIGN: Sasaki Akira
format: cloth with inserted PICTURE, 26.4 × 26 CM, 128 PAGES, 63 b/w REPRODUCTIONS

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