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»‘HandBook’ represents the culmination of seventeen years of intimate portraiture of the human hand, without the camera as intermediary. In these studies, the subject’s sweat and heat are recorded directly into the film emulsion. The “portraits” are of individuals and couples. It is a conceptual descendant of August Sander’s ‘Citizens of the 20th Century’ and Irving Penn’s ‘Small Trades’, among others. ‘HandBook’ is a visually arresting and unique achievement. The book exists as an on-demand production of the online printing house Blurb. The quality of the book’s printing rivals that found in some of the best examples in traditional publishing. With the printing still to be executed by Blurb, ‘HandBook’ also breaks new ground in that it marks the first major collaboration between an artist, a print-on-demand house and a major publisher (for the following numbered edition).«

Gary Schneider
publisher: self published with Blurb, 2010
Text: Gary Schneider
DESIGN: Gary Schneider
format: illustrated hardCOVER, 25.4 × 20.6 CM, 120 PAGES, 78 COLOR REPRODUCTIONS

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