• Hijacked Volume 1
  • Hijacked Volume 1
  • Hijacked Volume 1


»This project was conceived and realized by Mark McPherson, in Perth, Western Australia. He put together an amazing selection of works by 44 Australian and 40 USA artists through on-line networking. He set up a print deal in Asia and arranged book launches with exhibitions in Berlin, Stuttgart, New York and Sydney. Everything had been done online, from research to final publishing. The book shuns the usual curatorial tropes and clichés, mixing high art and pop culture with a level of energy that results in works you would expect to be immiscible, fitting together like they are intended as part of a whole. There is a particular fascination with international subcultures, fragmented trends, alternate life styles, and urban landscapes. I have gone on record as saying that I think this is the most important book of photographs to come out of Australia in the past five years.«

Mark McPherson
publisher: Big City Press, Mosman Park 2008, edited by Mark McPherson and Max Pam
Text: Robert Cook, Michael Farrell, Max Pam, Jess Scully
DESIGN: Tom Mùller
format: cloth, illustrated dustjacket, 26.7 × 20.5 CM, 288 PAGES, c. 254 REPRODUCTIONS
ISBN: 978–988–99591–3–5

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