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»The invasion of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact troops in August 1968, putting a bloody end to the hopes for “Socialism with a human face” and for greater freedom during the short duration of the “Prague Spring”, was documented by hundreds of photographers. No one, however, took such gripping and universally valid photos as Josef Koudelka. A selection of 249 remaining negatives was published for the first time last year by the Prague publishing house Torst in INVAZE 68 and, shortly afterwards, by other publishing houses in Great Britain, Germany, France, and the United States. This extraordinarily powerful book, with an inventive layout and design by Ales Najbrt (and with texts by four historians), confirms that Koudelka’s photographs of August 1968 remain the unsurpassed pinnacle of Czech photojournalism, and that they have something to say to future generations.«

Josef Koudelka
publisher: Torst, Praha 2008
TEXT: Preface by Jirí Hoppe, Jirí Suk and Jaroslav Cuhra, after word by Irena Šorfová
DESIGN: Aleš Najbrt
format: SOFTCOVER, 32 × 24.9 CM, 296 PAGES, 249 b/w reproductions
ISBN: 978–80–7215–334–3

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