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»As a bookstore owner and publisher, I think ‘this’ hardcover bi-monthly survey of photography should qualify as a photobook, both in terms of its production values and its editorial standards. Remarkably, it comes in an English/Chinese bi-lingual edition, recognizing not only China’s achievements in photography, but that China’s participation in the global discourse on photography can only serve to enhance photographic practice both in China and the rest of the world. And like the photograph itself, each publication of “C Photo International” is like a photo, a moment in the past, intricately connected to the present and the future in an increasingly global environment. Its critical, questioning editorial, combined with its high production values, makes it highly collectible as a single volume or a complete set of photobooks.«

C Photo International
publisher: Ivory Press, London 2009, edited by Elena Foster
photography: portfolios by Larry Clark, Charles Peterson, Daniel & Geo Fuchs, Vaughan Oliver, B+, Bruce Davidson, Bob Adelman, Victor Albrow, Lia Sáile/portfolios on Andy Warhol and Oscar Mariné
text: various
DESIGN: Omb Design
format: halfcloth, 33.7 × 23 CM, 304 PAGES, numero us b/w and color reproductions
Available in English/Chinese and Spanish/Japanese
ISsN: 1748–3565

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