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»Printed on non-archival newsprint (with a silkscreened plastic slipcase), this self-published book blurs the borderline between newspaper, zine, and photobook. The color of the Ugandan soil and the tonality of the photographs — of a skateboard park, its riders, and their milieu — harmoniously blend with the color of the newsprint. Yann Gross smartly chooses not to use the best materials in bookmaking, but ones that fit the context of his photographs, and by doing so he also encapsulates the spirit and frame of mind of bo th skateboard culture and DIY publishing.«

Yann Gross
PUBLISHER: self published, 2010
TEXT: Yann Gross
DESIGN: Yann Gross
format: softcover in plastic envelope, 32 × 24 CM, 48 PAGES, 45 color REPRODUCTIONS
ISBN: 978-2-8399-0672-2

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