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»In the wake of a generation of oversized art and photography books, this one is easy to justify; it is based on replicating the original photographs to scale. Polaroids is the platform for presenting an impeccable reproduction of the erotically-charged figure studies created by the painter Attila Richard Lukacs, and is a catalogue for an extensive exhibition of the images assembled by his mentor andcolleague, the painter Michael Morris. By organizing and gridding Lukacs’ raw material, Morris transforms the photographic evidence into a new form, realizing it as finished work in its own right. The two gatefolds offer complexity to the book’s overall design and are the attraction that pushes this seductive volume to its formal edge. Polaroids includes numerous scholarly essays about the collaborative project and an historical overview of Atilla’s paintings.«

Atilla Richard Lukacs
pictures conceptualized and assembled by Michael Morris
PUBLISHER: Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver 2010
TEXT: Michael Turner, Vince Aletti, Scott Watson, Stan Persky, preface by Catherine Crowston, Reid Shier & Wayne Baerwaldt
format: illustrated hardcover, 42.7 × 33.7 CM, 176 PAGES (with 2 folds), c. 1.200 color REPRODUCTIONs
ISBN: 978-1-55152-295-1

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