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The first prize goes to NORMAN BEHRENDT and his book »Burning down the house«.
This dummy impressed the jury the most as it felt that not only had a great deal of work gone into photographing and compiling the extensive book as a whole, but that its »packaging« perfectly suited its subject matter on Berlin graffiti writers, i.e. in that the paper used for the cover was based on the design of the seating material used in Berlin S-Bahn trains. A well-conceived and striking object!
(Curt Holtz, Prestel Publishing, Jury member)

The 2nd prize goes to ARTUR KRUTSCH and his book »Thule«
The dummy on the mythological place of Thule, completely shot in black and white, inspired the jury through its subtlety and quiet elegance. Not an obvious choice, individual jury members kept going back to leaf through its pages, taken in by the unobtrusive yet powerful quality of the individual photographs and their story. It will make a beautiful book.
(Curt Holtz, Prestel Publishing, Jury member)

The 3rd prize goes to ROBERT BEYER and his book »Fahrtenschwimmer«.
This unassuming booklet, compiled from a collection of snapshots from the photographer’s grandparents, tells the story of a regular family’s day-to-day life in the German Democratic Republic. The slim pocketsize format perfectly suits its contents, hereby matching the ordinary in so many people’s lives in Germany in the latter half of the last century.
(Curt Holtz, Prestel Publishing, Jury member)

The three winners have been selected by the main jury at the Fotobookfestival Kassel. The winner of the First Prize is given the opportunity to realize his or her dummy as a »real« book with the German printers and publishers Seltmann + Söhne, and the book is presented in the art magazine European Photography. The 2nd and 3rd prizes will be supplied by blurb: the 2nd prize is books to the value of 500 Euros; the 3rd prize books to the value of 300 Euros. We would like to say a big thank you to all participants and to our 2013 Dummy Award sponsors Seltmann + Söhne, blurb and European Photography!


John Gossage (Photographer, Bookmaker, Washington)
Curt Holtz (Prestel Publishing, Munich)
Russet Ledermann (Media Artist, Researcher and Photobook Collector, New York)
Andreas Müller-Pohle (Media Artist, European Photography, Berlin)
Markus Schaden (Photobook Specialist, Curator, Cologne)
Oliver Seltmann (Publisher Seltmann+Soehne, Berlin)

In total, 483 photobooks from 34 countries all over the world were entered for the 2013 International Photobook Dummy Award, from South Africa to Norway, from Russia to Australia, from Japan to America, from China to Brazil. The first selection resulted in 55 photobooks chosen by Chiara Capodici (Curator, Treterzi, Rome), Sebastian Hau (Le Bal Books, Paris), Dieter Neubert (Director Fotobookfestival, Kassel), Fiorenza Pinna (Curator, Treterzi, Rome), Markus Schaden (Curator, schaden.com, Cologne), Inga Schneider (Curator, Cologne) and Thomas Wiegand (Blogger, Art Historian, Kassel). These 55 photobook dummies are on display in Milan »MIA | Milan Image Art Fair« (10 to 12 May), in Dublin »PhotoIreland Festival« (1 to 31 July), in Paris »Le Bal« (6 to 8 September), and in Kassel »6. Fotobookfestival« (24 to 27 October).


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