Two Day Workshop with Laura El-Tantawy

Posted on Mar 26, 2015
Two Day Workshop with Laura El-Tantawy

Fotobookfestival Kassel in collaboration with Emaho Magazine Delhi launch an intensive two day photobook-making workshop with celebrated photographer Laura El-Tantawy. Laura El-Tantawy will discuss with participants her long-term project »In the Shadow of the Pyramids«, a body of work spanning 2005-2014, which was released as a book under the same title on January 25, 2015. The workshop will be an indepth conversation about the process of making the photobook – from the field shooting, to editing through hundreds of images, to the concept and the final object. In the shadow of the Pyramids is El-Tantawy’s first book. The project stemmed out of her desire to connect to her home through exploring the landscape of her country and people in pictures. The work gained a sense of urgency with the 2011 Egyptian revolution and events that followed. The narrative changed dramatically and rapidly and El-Tantawy found herself making decisive decisions on the direction her work and ultimately the book would take.

This workshop will be a transparent conversation about her experience – failures and successes that led the way to the final object. Participants are expected to bring their own long-term projects to discuss during the workshop. It will take place on Wednesday 3 June and Thursday 4 June at the Documenta-Halle Kassel, Germany.


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