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»Although the book is not printed in high quality and the design is “middle of the road”, which I think is because the artist is a control freak, it is still an exceptional work. It explains and shows the whole range of works which Sophie R. has done over the last 30 years. A great and very clear overview of her interests and her committed art. Installation views explain her approach and attitude. A great artist using photography for many purposes: to astonish, to surprise, photography as evidence and as art! Images from her earlier publications show and prove that she has already made some extraordinary artist books, like ‘Fait’ about the Iraq invasion. This book should be on the list of universities and art colleges! In this case, it is not important that printing, paper and design are secondary, because the content of the book will remain strong and very convincing!«

Sophie Ristelhueber
PUBLISHER: Thames & Hudson, London 2009
TEXT: Bruno Latour, David Mellor, Thomas Schlesser
DESIGN: Franck Gautherot, Sophie Ristelhueber
format: Hardcover, ILLUSTRATED dust jacket, 26.1 × 20 CM, 448 PAGES, c. 560 color AND B/W REPRODUCTIONs
ISBN: 978–0–500–09349–8

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