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»Although its design is classic, it suits the story. Wouda was able to work with a simple concept of group pictures. Although simple in its concept, it tells a highly complex story of youngsters who are mainly influenced by each other’s presence. The behavior within the group in a world in which they spend most of their days reflects the social world of the school itself, as well as the vulnerability of the individual student. The school functions as a metaphor for the world of this age group. Wouda dared to stay within the context of the school. His use of color and perspective is personal, and it stands out in Dutch photography.«

Raimond Wouda
PUBLISHER: Nazraeli Press, Portland 2009
TEXT: Martin Parr
format: illustrated hardcover, 28.6 × 32.6 CM, 60 PAGES, 34 COLOR REPRODUCTIONS
ISBN: 978–1–59005–241–9

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